Doboos BSC Tools using BUSD pairs.

Checkout the DoBoss detector for Ethereum HERE!

Checkout the DoBoss detector for BSC using BNB HERE!

See if a BSC token is a DoBoss at the moment. Requires liquidity on PancakeSwap using BUSD. This website simulates a buy and a sell transaction to determine if the token is a DoBoos or not.

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This is not a foolproof method. Just because it's not a DoBoos now, does not mean it can't be turned into one!

What Is BscScan?

At its core, BscScan is very similar to any other blockchain explorer for whichever cryptocurrency one wants to keep tabs on. It is possible to lookup wallet addresses, transactions, smart contracts, and much more by navigating the menus or using the search bar at the top. Learning more about the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is very straightforward and transparent.

The visual interface by BscScan is very similar to Etherscan, as both services are built by the same team. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles to keep the platform as accessible by novices as possible. As its functionality and features continue to grow and improve, the blockchain explorer brings more usefulness to its users.

Indexing the Binance Smart Chain and making it searchable through a convenient user interface provides everyone transparent access to the ecosystem.

Similar to Etherscan, it is possible to set up an account on BscScan. Doing so is not required to access the functionality, although it can prove beneficial to developers. Moreover, BscScan does not act as a wallet service, as users will need to find external solutions for that purpose. However, one can connect existing wallets - MetaMask, TrustWallet and others - together with BscScan.

What is BUSD?

Binance USD (BUSD) is a 1:1 USD-backed stable coin issued by Binance (in partnership with Paxos), Approved and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), The BUSD Monthly Audit Report can be viewed from the official website. Launched on 5 Sep 2019, BUSD aims to meld the stability of the dollar with blockchain technology. It is a digital fiat currency, issued as ERC-20 and supports BEP-2.

BUSD Use Case

Based on the price stability, Stablecoin plays an important role in transactions, payments and settlement, and Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Here are some of the BUSD use case:

1. Transfer your digital dollars (BUSD) anywhere in minutes, with low cost and on the blockchain.

2. Trade BUSD on different exchanges and DEX.

3. Deposit BUSD to earn an interest rate.

4. Pay BUSD as payment for goods and services.

5. Use BUSD as collateral and loan asset.

6. Use BUSD as cross collateral in Futures.

7. Store BUSD on an exchange or in a wallet.